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Vacuum Cleaner Repair 'How To' Videos

The cost of calling out an engineer for to repair your vacuum cleaner can often be very expensive and in most cases simple faults can be repaired yourself saving you literally hundreds of pounds.  Of course, you should know your own capabilities but with our help articles and videos the mystery surrounding vacuum cleaner repairs will be solved.  Replacing a motor for instance will give you a great sense of achievement and at the same time save you loads of money!  Safety is paramount – so please read our safety guide before you attempt any repair yourself.  Take a look at all of our vacuum cleaner spares

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Safety:

Remember before you attempt any repair on electrical items alway ensure that you have unplugged the appliance before you start - more information here

How to replace a Dyson DC14 DC07 vacuum cleaner motor

Watch kevin replace the vacuum cleaner motor in a Dyson DC14.

How to Repair your Henry Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a problem with your Henry Vacuum Cleaner and it needs repairing then this video should help you fix it!

About Henry Vacuum Bags & How to replace

Learn why it is important to use the genuine vacuum cleaner bags in your Henry vacuum cleaner.

How to fit Henry Vacuum Cleaner Motor Carbon Brushes

If your motor is no longer turning round then the carbon brushes might need replacing.  Watch our video on how to carry out this repair.

How to Fit Henry Vacuum Cleaner Hoses & Tubes

Learn the difference between aluminium tubes and stainless steel tubes - we also show you how to fit a new Henry hose.

About Henry Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tools & How to fit

Find out the difference between the 2 most popular Henry Vacuum Cleaner floor tools.

How to Replace a PCB on a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Watch how to replace the PCB on your Henry Vacuum Cleaner.

How to fix loss of suction in your Henry Vacuum Cleaner

If your Henry Vacuum cleaner has lost it's suction then watch this video on how to fix it!

How to replace the cable, cable reel moulding & contacts on a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Video on how to replace the power cable and contacts on a Henry Vacuum Cleaner.

How to replace the on off switch on a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

If the switch on your Henry Vacuum Cleaner needs replacing then take a look at this video on how to fit a new one!