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How To Fit Henry Hoover Floor Tools

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m lee and in this video I’m going to be talking about the 2 most popular floor tools for Henry Vacuum Cleaners - Both are genuine parts supplied by Numatic.

The first one we’ll take a look at is the standard Floor tool the same as you got when your Henry was new.  It has and adjustable head which allows you to switch between carpet and hard floor.  It also has two red pads on the underside designed for collecting hair etc.  These pads are only available complete with the new floor tool, I’m afraid they don’t come as a separate replacement part.

The second floor tool we’ll look at is the Freeflo Floor tool which is designed to make lighter work of vacuuming and is ideal for use when large areas are being cleaned.  It has roller wheels at the front and at the rear, and again also has the red collecting pads.

Both floor tools simply slot in to place on henry’s 32mm extension tubes.

There you go, the 2 most popular floor tools for henry vacuum cleaners.  Remember you can buy all your spares and accessories for your Henry Vacuum Cleaner online at Ransom Spares.  Thanks for watching!

By Lee Gilbert