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How To Replace Henry Hoover Hose And Tubes

Video transcript:

How to replace Vacuum Cleaner hose and tubes - Henry Vacuum

Hi I’m Lee from Ransom Spares and in this video I’m going to talk about the hose and tubes on a Henry Vacuum Cleaner and also show you how to fit them.  If your henry hose is showing signs of wear and tear then a replacement will be required so that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t lose any suction.

This replacement hose is 2.4 mtr long and comes complete with the threaded end to fasten securely on to the body of your Henry Vacuum cleaner.

The extension tubes come in 3 parts – one bent end and 2 straight extension tubes.  They also come in 2 difference materials, either stainless steel or aluminium.  The main difference between the two is weight with the aluminium tubes being lighter and therefore more practical for professional cleaning companies.  The tubes slot together easily and then push in to the end of the hose.

For hoses, tubes and all henry vacuum spares please visit our website at ransom spares.co.uk – thanks for watching.

By Lee Gilbert