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Loss Of Suction From Henry Hoover - Reasons

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Lee from Ransom Spares. There are several reasons why your henry might not be sucking as well as normal and in this video I’ll be talking about how to resolve each one.

  • Henry’s Bag is full – as the bag fills up the performance of your vacuum cleaner will be affected.  Don’t let the bag get too full as this can put unnecessary strain on the motor, and will definitely result in a loss of suction.
  • Henry’s filter is clogged up – Henry vacuum cleaners have a pre motor filter which is washable.  It’s a good idea to wash your filter every time you replace the bag.  Simply wash it with warm water and replace the filter once it is completely dry.  Always ensure that the filter grid is replaced back on top of the pre-motor filter.
  • Henry’s hose, tubes or floor tool is blocked – if something gets stuck either in the hose, tube or within the floor tool then this will certainly cause a loss of suction.  Checking for blockages is a simple matter of visual inspection and removing the blockage as necessary.
  • Henry's Hose is damaged – If Henry’s hose is damaged or split this will allow air to escape during vacuuming and a loss of suction will be noticed.  To fix this a replacement hose will be required.
  • Motor problems – If none of the above solve your loss of suction problem then the motor might be the likely cause.  Carbon brushes are the only part of the motor that can be replaced; otherwise a complete motor replacement will be necessary.

We also have DIY repair videos on how to can carry out these checks as well as replacement Henry Bags, Filters, Hoses, Extension tubes, and motors on our website.  Thanks for watching!

By Lee Gilbert