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General Safety

Electricity Danger
Electricity at all voltages must be respected.  Always ensure that the appliance is isolated from the mains supply and that you have read our basic dos and don'ts before inspecting an appliance or attempting any repair no matter how basic.


  • Always ensure before attempting any repair that it is within your capabilities.  If in doubt call a qualified engineer.
  • Always isolate any appliance before inspection or repair commences.
  • Ensure that the mains plug is fitted correctly.
  • Ensure that the correct rated fuse is used.
  • Ensure the socket that the appliance is plugged in to is in good order and that there is no charring or burning present.


  • Carry out work or inspect an appliance that is still plugged in to an electrical socket even if the socket is switched off. 
  • Always remove the plug.
  • Never repair a damaged cable with insulation tape.


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