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Henry Hoover Problems and Solutions

Have you got a problem with your Henry vacuum cleaner?  Has your Henry stopped working or is only working intermittently? If so then watch our video on how to fix the problem:

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Lee from Ransom Spares if your Henry Vacuum cleaner has stopped working or is working intermittently then this video should help you repair and get your Henry running again.

Always be safe when you’re carrying out repairs by ensuring that plug of the appliance has been removed from the socket.

First of all let’s discuss a common problem with Henry vacuum cleaners, and that is when Henry is running intermittently.  If Henry cuts out when you move the cable where it attaches to the plug then the connection in the plug need to be checked.  However, if there is no obvious clue to why Henry is cutting in and out then it is likely to be the copper contacts on the cable reel moulding.  Check out our video on how to replace the cable reel moulding and contacts.

Another common problem with Henry is that he appears to be completely dead; when you turn your Henry Vacuum Cleaner on nothing happens.  If this describes what is happening with your Henry then it will be one of the following faults:

•    First of all, check the fuse and connections in the plug.
•    Next check the on/off switch – check out our video on replacing the on/off switch.
•    Next check the Hi/Lo switch and speed PCB – check out our video on replacing the PCB.
•    Next check the motor carbon brushes.  Again, check out our video on replacing the motor/carbon brushes.

It’s as simple as that, a henry vacuum cleaner is very simple in design and a step through fault diagnosis is easy to undertake in order to isolate which component is at fault and replace it.  You can buy all the necessary spare parts to repair you Henry vacuum cleaner online at Ransom Spares.  Thanks for watching!

By Lee Gilbert