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Fan Oven Not Working: Replace Oven Fan Motor

Video transcript:

If the fan motor in your oven has stopped working or is running slowly then this will result in uneven cooking.  I’m going to demonstrate on this Indesit oven how to replace the fan motor.

Safety first, always remember to isolate you oven from the mains electricity before carrying out any repairs.

The fan blade will be located at the rear of the oven and this needs to be removed.  First we’ll have to take of the back plate inside the oven to get access to it.

The fan motor blade will be secured with a left hand threaded nut.  To remove this we’ll need to turn the nut clockwise.

Next we need to get access to the rear of the oven.  If yours is built in such as this one then you’ll need to remove the screws down each side of the oven that are securing it in to the kitchen units.  If you have a freestanding cooker then simply slide it out of its position.

We can now remove the screws that are holding the rear cover in place.

Now we need to remove the wires that are connected to the oven fan motor and then remove the screws that are securing it in place.  We can now replace the faulty fan oven motor in exactly the same way that we removed it.  Remember that the fan motor blade nut is reverse thread so it will be anti clockwise to tighten!

Remember fan oven motors and all cooker spares can be found on the Ransom Spares website.  Thanks for watching.

By Lee Gilbert