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DIY Oven Repair - Oven Problems?

If you are having oven problems then check out our DIY cooker repair guides below.  We show you how to repair you cooker, saving you money and time!  Take a look at all of our cooker spares & oven spares.

How an Electric Oven Works

Oven Repair Safety:

Remember before you attempt any repair on electrical items alway ensure that you have unplugged the appliance before you start - more information here

How to replace an oven element

If you oven has stopped heating up then it's likely to be the fan oven element that needs replacing, watch our video to find out how!

How to fit a universal oven door seal

Watch Lee show you how to replace the door seal with a universal door seal on an oven.

How to replace the thermostat on an oven

If you oven is over heating then the thermostat could be the culprit.

How to replace oven door hinges

Is your oven door not closing fully and is there heat escaping from around the top?  If so check out our video on how to replace new oven door hinges.

How to replace an oven door seal

If your oven door seal is showing signs of wear and tear then it could be time to replace it!

How to replace the Lamp in your Oven

If the light in your oven has gone out then it could be time to replace the oven lamp ... our video demonstrates how to do just that!

How to replace the grill element in your Oven

If you have a problem with your grill element not heating then it's likely to need replacing.

How to replace the Fan Motor in an Oven

If you oven is cooking food unevenly then it could be the fan motor that is faulty.

How to replace the cooling fan motor in an oven

Has the cooling fan motor in your oven stopped working, or has it become noisy?  Check out our video on how to replace and oven cooling fan motor.

How to clean your oven with professional oven cleaner

A dreaded job that no one likes ... but the professional oven cleaner that we recommend makes it a breeze!  Watch our video demonstration.

How to replace oven door glass

If your oven door glass has broken it's not as difficult as you might think to replace ... watch our step by step DIY oven repair video to find out how.

How to replace an oven knob

Removing your oven knob is simple, but only if you know how!