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This is a universal part - please check details / specifications for suitability with your model.


Universal Appliance Rollers for Washing Machines and Dishwashers.  Makes light work of moving your appliance.

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Adjustable - 406mm - 600mm
  • Height only 38mm
  • Wide rollers to protect your floor
  • Friction pads and braking system to ensure appliance does not move once in situ

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1 Answer(s)
Are these purely for moving a washing machine or can they be left under the washing machine permanently once in position or do i need to remove them after i put washing machine in position???
By KARL - Redcar - 29/01/2022
Hi Karl, these have brakes on, so you can leave them on once the appliance is fitted.
By Jordan - 29/01/2022
1 Answer(s)
Double check information about this item . Now got a set . Its got brakes on . Looks really good product. One of your staff members has said its not to be used or left under the machine permanently. However the box says that you can and thats what they are for as makes moving washer out easier. Is there likely to be a lot of vibration from the washer when its in use if these are fitted ? Confirm can be left permanently under washer machine and no damage would be done to washing machine?
By KARL - Redcar - 07/02/2022
Hi Karl, you can activate the brakes and leave this under the appliance once in situ. It won't damage the washing machine.
By Jordan - 07/02/2022
1 Answer(s)
Hi can you confirm do these come as a pair? ie. putting one in basket will give me 2 items which is enough to support one washing machine? Thanks
By Kat - Wales - 26/01/2023
Hi Kat, I can confirm this is supplied as a pair of rollers.
By Jordan - 26/01/2023

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