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Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 481245050032

Alternative Part Numbers:

  1. 481245050032
  2. 481245059947
  3. C00311388
  4. C00312080
  5. C00312353

EAN Number:

  • 8058331120807

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Questions And Answers

1 Answer(s)
Can the existing handle be reused ..
By Paresh - London - 30/03/2019
Hi Paresh. Yes, the old door handle can be reused with the new door.
By Jack - 30/03/2019
1 Answer(s)
Is this part just a sheet of glass / metal or does it have the brackets attached to the back of it?
By Jason - Yorkshire - 08/07/2019
Hi Jason, I can confirm that this particular outer door glass contains two black metal brackets on the back of the glass.
By Lauren - 08/07/2019

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