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How does the bimetal thermostat disperse heat in your oven?

A bimetal thermostat consists of a bimetallic strip made of two metal layers with different coefficients of thermal expansion. When the oven is turned on, the bimetal strip heats up. As the temperature rises, the metal layers expand at different rates, causing the strip to bend or curve. 

This bending action is used to control the heat dispersion in the oven. As the strip continues to heat and cool, it cycles between curling and straightening, thereby maintaining a consistent temperature within the oven.

Why do you need to change your oven’s thermostat?

The thermostat may become inaccurate or lose its calibration, resulting in temperature fluctuations or incorrect readings. This can lead to uneven cooking or difficulty in achieving the desired temperature for specific recipes. 

Constant exposure to heat and wear can cause the internal components of the thermostat to degrade or malfunction. Faulty wiring or electrical connections can also contribute to thermostat failure. 

Would this bimetal thermostat fit in my oven?

This bimetal thermostat is a genuine Beko oven spare part. Get the heat dispersed in your oven evenly when you replace your bimetal thermostat.

Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 263410017

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1 Answer(s)
what is the temperature rating of this part
By David - tyne and wear - 25/07/2020
Hi David, this is 250c.
By Jordan - 25/07/2020

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