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How To Replace The Door Lock & Latch On A Dishwasher

Video Transcript:

Hi, If you dishwasher is not filling and you can’t hear any noise from the dishwasher, even though the lights are on and the door is closed it could be the door lock that it as fault.

As part of the dishwasher door latch there is a switch that turns on when we close the door and turns off when we open the door.  If this switch is faulty then your dishwasher simply won’t work.

I’m going to demonstrate how to replace the door lock on this Hotpoint Dishwasher, however, the procedure will be very similar no matter what make or model you have.

Safety first, always remember to unplug your dishwasher before carrying out any repairs.

To access the door lock we first need to remove the outer door panel and facia.  This is done by removing the screws around the inner door panel.

Now we can see the door lock which includes the switch.  We can now remove the wires attached to the switch and the screws that are securing it in place.

Now we can fit the new switch and re-assemble the dishwasher.

There you go, how to replace the door lock and switch on a dishwasher.  Remember dishwasher door locks, and all dishwasher spares can be found on Ransom Spares.co.uk.  Thanks for watching.

By Lee Gilbert