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What does a cyclonic funnel do in a vacuum cleaner?

A cyclonic funnel uses centrifugal force to create a cyclonic airflow pattern, causing dust and debris to spin rapidly inside the container. Heavier particles are forced towards the outer edges and settle at the bottom, while lighter particles and fine dust are drawn towards the centre and captured by the vacuum cleaner's filtration system. 

The cyclonic funnel helps to separate and trap dust and debris, preventing them from clogging the filters and maintaining the vacuum cleaner's suction power and overall efficiency.

When do you replace your cyclonic funnel? 

Continuous use and exposure to dust and debris can cause the funnel to accumulate dirt, and have reduced airflow and decreased performance. If the cyclonic funnel is cracked, broken, or deformed, it may not function properly, impacting the separation and filtration process. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the cyclonic funnel, but if it becomes significantly damaged or clogged beyond cleaning, it should be replaced.

Is it a genuine spare part?

This cyclonic funnel is a genuine Hoover vacuum cleaner's spare part. Replace the pre-motor filter and bring your vacuum cleaner to any part of your house efficiently.

Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 48029718

EAN Number:

  • 8057166622050

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