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A water spray arm distributes water in the dishwasher

While you're doing the dishes, these rotating nozzles on a water spray arm shoot water onto your plates and silverware. It is located at the dishwasher's bottom. Its powerful water spray removes food particles and grime from your unclean dishes.

When do you replace it?

Continuous use, exposure to high temperatures, and hard water mineral deposits cause the spray arm to develop problems. These include clogging of the spray nozzles, cracking or breaking of the arm, or reduced rotation due to worn-out bearings or seals. 

If the spray arm is not functioning correctly, replace the spray arm to ensure proper cleaning and functioning of the dishwasher.

Would this fit in my dishwasher?  

This lower spray arm is a genuine AEG dishwasher spare part. It also fits Electrolux and Husqvarna Electrolux dishwashers. Use our compatibility checker to see if this part fits your model.

Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 1173644004

EAN Number:

  • 7321421913131

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Works perfectly,

I have a 7 year old AEG dishwasher that started having a much worse washing result than normal. Discovered that the red spinning bit of the lower spray arm had worn its underside out and was leaking water downward instead of spraying it up on the dishes. I would have loved to buy the red bit separately, but since it wasn't a separately produced spare part, bought the entire spray arm from Ransom Spares. It was a bit pricey 30EUR, including shipping to my home country, but still, a lot cheaper than buying it from here. Super easy to install, works perfectly, washing machine is back to it's former glory and dishes are clean again!

By Eero - Tallinn, Estonia
13th Sep 2019




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