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Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 00607329

Alternative Part Numbers:

  • 00030150
  • 00066754
  • 00161834
  • 00602719
  • 00607329

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Questions And Answers

1 Answer(s)
We have a Bosch HBN13M551B Double oven. The thermostat on the top oven /grill does not appear to operate at the correct temperature setting. Please let us know which replacement thermostat to order
By Brian - Northampton - 21/08/2018
Hi Brian, this is not the correct part for your cooker. The part you need to order is RS53047.
By Sam - 21/08/2018
1 Answer(s)
T0p oven not working red light not coming on no heat
By david - lincolnshire - 22/07/2019
Hi David, unfortunately we are unable to offer any technical diagnosis and therefore you would be best either contacting the manufacturer directly or employing the services of a suitably qualified engineer to source the exact issue. If you would like us to confirm the compatibility of any parts, please forward all of your appliance model details to our parts enquiry form so we can confirm the correct part for you. 
By Lauren - 22/07/2019
1 Answer(s)
Hi Neff U17S32N3GB/03 - no power- when I power up, from the cooker switch on the wall...timer comes on....but as soon as i turn the dial to select oven function, the power goes..sometimes this switch works, but then, as soon as I increase the temperature dial, the power goes again.. looking under the top lid of the oven, the resistor part is blacked out.....it still shows 6k9 resistance though (on meter).... the other component on the part shows no continuity.....should try replacing this?
By Steve - Guildford - 13/04/2020
Hi Steve, I'm unsure if this would fix your problem. I'd recommend contacting an engineer to see if they are able to advise.
By Jordan - 13/04/2020
1 Answer(s)
Hi our bottom over not working at all no light no fan no heat,this part looks very brown along top , could this be the problem,top working ok
By Ashley - Birmingham - 28/02/2022
Hi Ashley, this could be an issue with the thermostat or oven elements. I'd recommend contacting an engineer to see if they can confirm the part you require.
By Jordan - 28/02/2022

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