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Manufacturers Part Number:

  • 00648236

Alternative Part Numbers:

  1. 00499925
  2. 00648236

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Great Product

Easy to fit product, colour coding make matching the connections easy

By Guy R - London
7th Dec 2023




Ease of Fitting

Neff hob Spark Generator replacement

I couldn't ignite the the burners via the gas switches and noticed that the warning display showing the temperature of the 5 burners now no longer lite up. Before ordering the replacement I did take the hob top off and made sure the hob had power going to it. The replacement when ordered took a few days to appear, but arrived as expected. Before replacing the spark generator, I first ensured the power was off to the hob. I then removed the fixing screws around each of the burners and slowly removed the hob top, by pivoting it towards myself as there was a connecting cable going to the 5 burner display light circuit board. This was a bit fiddly and I would recommend leaving the two cables connected and unclipping the circuit board from the 4 securing lugs. If it comes away together with the small black holding bracket as mine did then you'll need some gasket clue (not flammable) to put this fiddly bracket back in position as it sits on 4 tiny rubber feet that extend through the bracket, ( unfortunately mine came away because I originally tried to remove the two cable connectors, which was a mistake). Replacement of the spark generator was straight forward once the hob top was off, the generator sits in two slots in the hob metal frame on the left hand side, front and has a metal cover over the top of it, which also has two metal slots that the lugs of the generator slide into. You remove the generator from the hob base it by pushing it towards the rear of the hob and then you remove the the metal cover in a similar fashion from the spark generator which gives you access to all the cables. Those cables going to the burners are all colour coded and can be tight and can take bit of effort to remove. The other two cable connectors just need to be released. Installation of the replacement is the reverse of removal and the it wasn't a difficult job apart from the fiddly light display bracket which I had to secure back in place, before I could secure the circuit board back on to the 4 securing lugs on the inside of the hob cover! Most satisfying part though was that it saved me a call out fee!

By Raymond Ziepe - Grays
3rd Sep 2017




Ease of Fitting

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