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Built In Cupboard Door Hinge Kit

Built In Cupboard Door Hi...

How does the built in hinge kit work with your washing machine's cupboard door? ...
Multi Hole Drum Paddle Lifter

Multi Hole Drum Paddle Li...

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Belt 1225J5 /  5EPJ1225

Belt 1225J5 / 5Epj1225

Genuine Candy Washing Machine Drive Belt fits select models of Baumatic, Berloni, Cand...
Door Interlock Lock

Door Interlock Lock

How does a door interlock function for your washing machine door? When the door...
Drain Pump Filter

Drain Pump Filter

This genuine replacement filter fits the following brands of washing machine:
Built In Integrated Cupboard Door Hinge

Built In Integrated Cupbo...

How does the door hinge on your washing machine work? The hinge enables the cab...
Fabric Softener Syphon

Fabric Softener Syphon

How does a softener dispenser syphon work? A softener dispenser holds fabric so...
Door Seal Gasket Clip Retainer

Door Seal Gasket Clip Ret...

How does a gasket clip retainer work in washing machine doors? A gasket clip re...
Silver Grey Door Hinge

Silver Grey Door Hinge

How does the hinge work on your washing machine door? When you open the washing...
NTC Thermistor Drying Probe

Ntc Thermistor Drying Probe

What is a thermistor drying probe used for in a washing machine? A thermistor d...
Door Seal Gasket Retaining Clip

Door Seal Gasket Retainin...

What is the purpose of the retaining clip in a washing machine? The retaining c...


Drain Pump and Filter

Drain Pump And Filter

The drain pump and filter system clears out your washing machine drum The drain...
Drain Outlet Hose Water Pipe 2.5m

Drain Outlet Hose Water P...

Dimensions: Length: 2300mm
White Door Handle

White Door Handle

Door handle for securing washing machine door Pulling on a lever or other contr...