Dishlex And Dishlex Dishwasher Spares and Parts

Top Selling Dishlex And Dishlex Dishwashers Spares

8 Pack Lower Wheels Basket Wheel Kit

8 Pack Lower Wheels Baske...

How do basket wheels work for your dishwasher? Basket wheels are attached to th...
Universal Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Universal Dishwasher Cutl...

What is a cutlery basket? This basket keeps your tools accessible while organis...
Bottom Lower Basket Tray

Bottom Lower Basket Tray

Dimensions: Width: 520mm Depth: 510mm Height: 160mm What can you...
Lower Bottom Door Seal

Lower Bottom Door Seal

This is a genuine door seal rubber gasket. Stretches and compresses when you open an...
Heater & O-Ring Seal

Heater & O-Ring Seal

Genuine dishwasher heater and O-ring gasket seal to efficiently heat water and have ...
Upper Basket Wheels x 8

Upper Basket Wheels X 8

How do basket wheels work for your dishwasher? The dishwasher's baskets and...
Pressure Switch Sensor

Pressure Switch Sensor

This is a genuine dishwasher pressure switch sensor. Waterproof and detergent resist...
Heating Element 2000w

Heating Element 2000W

This dishwasher heating element is a high quality manufacturer's replacement par...
Water Drain Hose 2.25m

Water Drain Hose 2.25M

This is a genuine dishwasher drain hose that’s 2.25 metres in size. Made of fl...
3 Sided Door Seal 1730mm

3 Sided Door Seal 1730Mm

This is a genuine 3-sided dishwasher door seal. Covers three sides of the dishwasher...
Drain Waste Hose 2.34m

Drain Waste Hose 2.34M

How does a drain waste hose work in dishwashers? A drain waste hose carries the...
Detergent Tablet Dispenser

Detergent Tablet Dispenser

How does a detergent tablet dispenser work in a dishwasher? The detergent table...
Upper Water Spray Arm

Upper Water Spray Arm

Rotating spray arm with nozzles for thorough dish cleaning  The dishwasher...
Drain Pump 50Hz

Drain Pump 50Hz

The drain pump removes food scraps and wastewater from your dishwasher Once you...
Drain Filter

Drain Filter

Drain filter for clearing out dishwasher waste A dishwasher filter collects foo...
Drain Filter

Drain Filter

Drain filter for clearing out dishwasher waste The dishwasher filter collects f...
Lower Bottom Spray Arm

Lower Bottom Spray Arm

A water spray arm distributes water in the dishwasher Your dishwasher's wat...
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