How To Replace The Heater Element On A Washing Machine - Indesit

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Video transcript:

Hello my name is Shawn and today I'm going to show you how to replace the heater element on an Indesit washing machine.  Before we start please make sure that you isolate the machine from the mains.

The heater element is fitted at the rear of the washing machine so the first thing we need to do is remove the back panel.

Next I'm going to remove the drive belt just so that I've got better access to remove the heater element.

On the heater element you've got your live, neutral, earth and thermistor wires that I'll now remove.

The heater element is secured in place with this nut which now need removing.  And now we can simply remove the element from the tub.  We need to give the lip a clean before we replace the element so that we don't get any leaks.

You'll notice that there is a bracket situated inside the tub which we slide the element in to. this secures it in the tub.  Now we need to refit the old thermistor and re-connect the live, neutral, earth and thermistor wires.  We can now tighten the nut to secure the element in place.

Replace the back panel, and there you go.  That's how to replace the heater element on and Indesit washing machine.  Remember heater elements and all other washing machine spares can be found on the Ransom Spares website.  Thanks for watching!