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How to Replace a Tumble Dryer Capacitor

Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Lee from Ransom Spares and in this video I'll be showing you how to replace the capacitor on your tumble dryer.

Now i'm going to be demonstrating on this Hotpoint condenser dryer but the procedure should be very similar no matter what make or model you have.

First we need to remove the lid which is secured in place with 2 screws.

Now we can remove the side panel.  This will reveal the capacitor which is a cylindrical component and is always near the motor.  Next we need to make a note of the wires and remove them.  The capacitor will be held in place with a nut or clip system; we can now remove the capacitor and replace it with the new one.

All that's left is to replace the panels.

So there your go, that's how to replace the capacitor on your tumble dryer.  Capacitors and all other tumble dryer spares can be found on the ransom spares website.  Thanks for watching.

By Lee Gilbert