DIY Tumble Dryer Repair - Help & Advice

The cost of calling out an engineer to repair your tumble dryer can often be very expensive and in most cases simple faults can be repaired yourself saving you literally hundreds of pounds.  Of course, you should know your own capabilities but with our help articles and videos the mystery surrounding tumble dryer repairs will be solved.  Replacing a faulty thermostat kit or heater element will give you a sense of achievement and at the same time save you a lot of money!  Safety is paramount – so please read our safety guide before you attempt any repair yourself.  Take a look at all of our tumble dryer spares

How to replace the thermostats on a tumble dryer

If your tumble dryer has stopped heating up then it could be the thermostat's that are at fault.

How to replace the heater element on a tumble dryer

Watch this video on how to replace the heater on your tumble dryer.

How to replace the belt on a tumble dryer

Has your tumble dryer stopped turning?  If so the belt might need replacing; watch this video on how to fit a new belt.

How to replace a tumble dryer capacitor

If the drum on your tumble dryer has stopped turning and the belt is ok then it's likely to be the capacitor that needs replacing.

How to replace the suppressor on a tumble dryer

If your tumble dryer isn't working then it could be the suppressor that is faulty.  Check our our step by step guide on how to fix the problem.

By Lee Gilbert