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How To Replace A Grill Element

Have you got a problem with your grill element not heating up?  or a problem with your grill not working?

Video transcript:

Hi I'm Lee from Ransom Spares and in this video i'll be showing you how to replace the grill element in your oven.  I'll be demonstrating on this Indesit oven, however, the procedure should be very similar no matter which make or model you have.

The grill element will be located inside the oven at the top.  This grill element is held in place with 2 fixings, however it will be necessary to gain access to the rear of the oven in order to remove the screws.  If you oven is built in then it will be necessary to remove the screws down the side of the oven which will allow it to slide out of the kitchen unit.  If you oven is a freestanding oven then simply slide it out of it's space.

Now we need to remove the rear panel by undoing the screws.  Next we need to make a note of how the wires are connected and remove them and then remove the screws that are holding the grill element in place.

With the wires removed and the screws undone the faulty grill element should simply slide out of the oven.  We can now replace the faulty grill element with a new one.

So there you go, how to replace the grill element in your oven.  Remember that grill elements and all cooker spares can be found on the Ransom Spares website, thanks for watching!

By Lee Gilbert