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How To Clean An Oven

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Lee from Ransom Spares and I want to talk about that dreaded job than no one likes to do…. Cleaning the oven.

The main reason that it’s a dreaded job is that up until now decent oven cleaners normally contain ingredients that are harmful to us. The main ingredient of these products is sodium hydroxide, or more commonly known as ‘Caustic Soda’. They can be harmful to us if not used correctly. Also, Caustic Soda will only work on heated ovens, which in turn creates harmful vapors.

So, the product that we sell which is a professional oven cleaner that doesn’t contain caustic soda and is made to be used on cold ovens.

Whats more is that the feedback and reviews that we get from people that purchase our oven cleaner are 100% positive.

So, lets take a look at how we use it:

First of all we need to remove any oven shelves and side racks and put them in the sink with the plug in. Give these a good spray with the oven cleaner and then simply leave. Depending how greased up the shelves and racks are will depend on how long to leave them. Anywhere from 30 mins to a couple of hours. Afterwards simply give them a wash with clean soapy water or pop them in the dishwasher.

Now we can spray thoroughly the inside of the oven. Again, we now simply leave it for between 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Ok, it’s now been 30 minutes since I sprayed the oven cavity so now all I need to do is wipe around the oven with a clean cloth. Once I’ve done this I’ll give it another wipe round with some clean soapy water.

Replace the sparkling clean shelves and racks, and there you how to make light work of cleaning your oven. The professional oven cleaner, oven shelves and all oven spares can be found on the ransom spares website. Thanks for watching.

By Lee Gilbert