Craziest You Tube Washing Machine Videos

Who’d have thought the humble washing machine could provide so much mirth to a generation of You Tube addicts? The bastion of all white goods and the reliable staple of every modern home has provided hours of fun to legions of internet surfers across the globe. Here are six of the best.

Whirlpool Washer Carnage

“It’s about to rain, but I’m not going to let that spoil the party.” And so announces our Aussie off-camera narrator, as a bearded, Mad Hatter type bloke throws “something a little heavier this time” into the waiting appliance and slams the door shut.
A slow rumble gradually shifts gear to an aggressive spin before the back falls off, the door flies open, components break free, and the entire drum comes completely loose, spinning, jerking, juddering across the floor, taking on a twisted, ferocious life of its own.
Even after all that, the motor continues shrieking like some deranged, hysterical Harpie until it eventually winds down to a complete and unsettling silence. The narrator chuckles and commentates this as “the best washer kill ever.” And he might just be right - this may just be the most epic washing machine carnage ever committed to film.

Funny Washing Machine Cat

Much opprobrium has been levelled at people who derive great pleasure in spending the majority of their day getting kicks watching cat videos on You Tube. So it only feels right – and out of a certain sense of obligation and duty – that I include one in this hysterical washing machine run-down compilation.

Washing machine spins, black and white moggie frantically scratches and paws at the spinning drum, everyone goes ‘aaaahh’ at its brief yet cutesy animalistic innocence. Short, sweet, simple, and mildly amusing.


Brick In A Washing Machine

By the time the camera started running on this one, the washing machine was already spinning in a violent, noisy frenzy, belching smoke and shaking like some warped Parkinson’s-afflicted white good.

54 seconds in, however, and the excitement lurches into fifth gear as a man in chinos and purple shirt struts in to view and proceeds to throw a brick in to its whirling maws. Hell is unleashed, carnage ensues, parts fly at bullet-like speed, and the machine topples over and contorts wildly on a plant bed before surrendering to an abrupt and tragic death.


Crazy Washing Machine

It’s cold, there’s ice on the ground, it’s a Sunday afternoon – so what you going to do? Why, throw a brick in a spinning washing machine, of course.

Wild protestations from some off-camera Eastern European prepare and launch us into the annihilation proper as someone else appears and throws a whole breeze block into its spinning, gaping hole. The lid flies off, it spins, bounces and frenetically jumps around like a dog on acid – as the cameraman giggles like a big girl’s blouse to the ensuing insanity. It all ends just as quickly and dramatically as it began.

Washing Machine Torture

A washing machine on a pallet? A man in a welder’s helmet throwing an object of undiscernible origin in to a washing machine? It can only lead us on a one-way trip to Carnage Street.

The machine spin pugnaciously, fighting with its own metal innards to stay intact before all hell breaks loose and it finally gives up the ghost, throwing parts and plastic everywhere until the frontage completely falls off.

It’s all brought to an abrupt end by someone off-camera lobbing something into those spinning jaws (nice aim!), bringing it all to a crazy, jolting, and maniacal end. The howling motor is left crying for the life of innocent servitude it once led.

Washing Machine Becomes Walking Machine

A washing machine takes on a life of its own in this mini anthropomorphic masterpiece. So desperate is this appliance to break free of its endless cycle of spinning other people’s pants and socks at dizzying speed, it starts to slide across the lino in a desperate bid for the front door. It runs out of spin before it can claim its freedom, however, and its moment of Shawshank Redemption-style liberation comes to an emotional and heart-rending finale.

Of course, as a general rule you’ll need to give your washing machine a little more TLC than the treatment you’ve seen in these You Tube clips. If you do find that you suddenly need any emergency spare parts for your washing machine, Ransom Spares has a fantastic selection for all the top models.

By Lee Gilbert 

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Lee Gilbert
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